About Us

Ultikary is a 100% Angola Owned company dedicated to the sales of asset and services of integrated solutions in special and customized projects. Serving with maximum efficency, quality and high degree of responsability, keeping the client informed of all the process, before, during and after the commercial transaction, in order for both to arrive to full satisfaction.

We offer to our clients the best economically viable solutions always ensuring high quality. We have the objective of maintaining a long-term relationship with our costumers and suppliers, based on the respect for legislation, commitment, credibility, integrity and ethics in business transactions.

Our vision

To be a partner of choice of the costumers, providing them with integrated solutions of internationally recommended standards that satisfy efficiently comprehensively and at a fair market price.

Our Mission

Provide a complete and excellent service to the costumer and help them identify and furfill their business needs through a close and committed partnership.

Our Values

Humility. We value the human person as the center and the ultimate end of all business transaction.

Honesty. We will always be honest and fair with our costumers, showing them that before any gain or profit, there is an interest in the creation of a partnership.

Excellence. We give azo to the latin adage which reads: "Nemo dat quot non habet", or "no one gives what he does not have". Thats why we bet on the formation of our collaborators in order to power them with sufficient tools to achieve individually and collectively to excellence.

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